• Intrauterine device monitoring generates individual patient data scores and clean data sets for analysis. This in turn gives higher quality results than other data approaches that utilise historical health records.

  • Through the continuous monitoring of pH values, dissolved oxygen and temperature, we are able to establish an in-utero ‘base’ data range and individual variation to create critical diagnostics and treatment optimisation.

  • Combined with our first-in-class software platform, we are able to surface individual data sets ready to be reviewed and analysed by clinicians and provide personalised insights in the areas of IVF and fertility, endometriosis, fibrosis, menopause and oncology.


  • Transmitting in-vivo data to a POWERFUL, CLOUD-BASED ANALYTICS platform allows us to use proprietary algorithms and machine learning to learn from patient behaviours.

  • Multiple patients’ data allows us to capture broader analytics and carry out patient stratification modelling.









Latest Insights

The latest news, announcements, events and publications from Verso Biosense.

  • The First Clinical Study for our Device

    In May 2021, we received approval from Medicines Health products Regulatory Agency ('MHRA') for the initiation of the first clinical study for our groundbreaking uterine sensing device and biosensing data platform. 

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  • Partnering with London Women’s Clinic

    We're excited to announce our second product collaboration agreement with one of the UK’s leading fertility clinics.

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  • Verso Biosense signs agreement with Homerton University Hospital

    We are delighted to announce the signing of a product collaboration agreement with Homerton University Hospital.

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