Power Platform

  • Allowing implants of up to 20cm within the body to be powered though inductive energy between the device and an external garment.

  • Unrestricted by battery size, the unique wireless power management technology can be ultra-miniaturised and is capable of being powered continuously.

  • Using ultra-low power electronics in the implantable device ensures the ricTech platform can support all current and future operations envisaged for this platform.

  • This allows for both communication and data gathering from the implanted device via RFiD protocols to take place 24/7.

Proprietary Sensor
Chip Design

  • Electrochemical sensors that measure dissolved oxygen, temperature and pH combine to create a 3 x 2mm thin-film microchip.

  • This is supported by a proprietary reference electrode, providing best-in-class operational stability fundamental to consistently high quality measurements.

  • A miniaturised micro-controller and micro-processing components.

  • Together, they create a reliable and reproducible sensor compatible with mass fabrication.

  • Wider device monitoring applications in areas such as protein and hormone sensors, allowing for significant growth in diagnostic applications.

Latest Insights

The latest news, announcements, events and publications from Verso Biosense.

  • The First Clinical Study for our Device

    In May 2021, we received approval from Medicines Health products Regulatory Agency ('MHRA') for the initiation of the first clinical study for our groundbreaking uterine sensing device and biosensing data platform. 

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  • Partnering with London Women’s Clinic

    We're excited to announce our second product collaboration agreement with one of the UK’s leading fertility clinics.

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  • Verso Biosense signs agreement with Homerton University Hospital

    We are delighted to announce the signing of a product collaboration agreement with Homerton University Hospital.

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