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Following years of innovation and groundbreaking research, allow us to introduce IRIS by Verso Biosense…

Until now, the health of your uterus has always been a blind spot for clinicians which means that so many women’s IVF journeys have been a stab in the dark. But now, IRIS is revolutionising women’s health, acting as your eyes and shining a light on the health of your uterine health before you begin your fertility treatment.

While the stakes are far higher with your IVF journey, our methodology is best described with an analogy. Let’s imagine you’re growing a plant. There are many variables you’d consider before planting that little seed. You’d start by nurturing the seedling in a greenhouse, going to painstaking efforts to create the perfect environment for your seedling’s survival. You’d want to test the soil, monitor the climate and make sure you had the optimum environment to ensure that life continues to flourish outside the greenhouse. This is essentially what IRIS does in your uterus during your IVF journey, allowing us to create an optimum environment for your embryo from incubation right up until implantation.

Just as botanists have spent thousands of years studying and researching how to nurture plants, we’ve dedicated ourselves to understanding the uterus in order to give life the best chance of growing.

Similar in both size and shape to a contraceptive intrauterine device (IUD), IRIS is placed within the uterus in exactly the same way. There might be some mild cramping once IRIS has been placed, however you should be able to continue with your daily routine with minimal discomfort.


Every single body is unique, which means no two uteruses are the same. IRIS gives you a highly personalised insight into your uterus to ensure there are no blind spots. By understanding everything that’s happening in your uterus, it allows you and your clinician to have informed and empowered discussions about your health, treatment paths and IVF journey.


Lower levels of oxygen concentration has been shown to have a positive impact on IVF success rates. IRIS measures this using a highly sensitive sensor which can track and chart minute changes.

Temperature Measurements

It’s very important that the embryo is kept at a constant set temperature, so a miniaturised sensor enables IRIS to constantly monitor the temperature changes within your uterus with high sensitivity.

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