approach to fertility treatment.


Our battery free uterine monitoring platform provides continuous data monitoring of real time uterine conditions.

Verso solution ANTENNA

Antenna charges and transmits data.

Verso solution Circuit

Microelectronic driving circuit controls the sensor head and data transfer.

Verso solution Sensor

Sensor head continuously monitors pH, oxygen and temperature.


Our battery free uterine monitoring platform provides continuous data monitoring of real time uterine conditions.

Dissolved oxygen

Adaptation of a standard POLOGRAPHIC technique for ELECTROCHEMICAL sensing, our device uses an ULTRA-MINIATURE three electrode electrochemical cell.

A unique micro band working electrode reduces the impact of measurements on the monitored environment and OPTIMISES signal quality.


Employing a unique Ruthenium Oxide miniature electrode, a solid state membrane produces direct reporting of hydrogen ion concentrations.

This provides a SENSITIVE, STABLE and LINEAR pH response.


Temperature measurements are carried out using a temperature sensing INTEGRATED circuit located in the device.

A miniaturised semi-conductor diode provides linear temperature response with high accuracy, offering a very high sensitivity to temperature changes and a high degree of responsiveness.


Our proprietary software platform integrates with existing clinical software to store, process and surface data to fertility specialists.

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A Precise, Personalised Approach to Fertility Treatment

  1. 'Normal' ranges defines
  2. Cyclical variation monitored
  3. Individual patient data collected
  4. Fertility interventions monitored and optimised
  • Daytime
  • Abnormal
  • Night time
  • Normal

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