Our stories

Take a look at the stories of people who have worked with or experienced IRIS first hand.

“At last, we finally have the technology needed to shine a light on women’s health and the uterus. With this, we can concentrate on understanding more about the uterus’ unique physiology and the crucial role this plays in the reproductive cycle. Historically, it’s been a combination of luck and Mother Nature to decide whether or not the uterine environment is optimum for the success of a pregnancy. But now with Verso Biosense’s technology, we have the ability to positively influence this environment and assist clinicians in supporting their patients as they fulfil their dreams of creating a family.”

– Kate Davies, Fertility Nurse Consultant & Coach at Verso Biosense

“If you’re like me and you want the answer, there’s no stone that you want to leave unturned. If you know that everything else is coming back fine, but you feel there’s a problem then why wouldn’t you want to explore the uterus? I didn’t want to try IVF until I knew what the problem was because I felt it was a lot of money to spend on something that might never work or might not be solved by IVF. If you’re continuing your journey, whether it’s via IVF or naturally, I’d say take a look at IRIS to give you more information that might make all the difference.”

– Vicki, Trialled IRIS in 2022

“Our understanding of the conditions required to fertilise and grow embryos in the laboratory has grown significantly over the years of research that has gone into this subject. We can now successfully grow high quality embryos routinely in our labs. What we have recognized over this time is that there are a number of very important environmental parameters that we need to control when growing our embryos. Temperature and the levels of oxygen are important among these. Yet, it is also a fact that we have little understanding of what conditions exist in the uterus and how these might affect the further development of an embryo introduced during an IVF round or even during a natural conception cycle. The IRIS by Verso Biosense will provide another important piece of information that helps in our understanding of these complex fertility issues.”

– Professor Nicholas Macklon, London Women’s Clinic